Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Good Food

Apples and Pumpkins - (ISBN: 978-1416908319)

by Anne Rockwell

Celebrate good food with this family, by going to a nearby farm to pick the most perfect pumpkins and the juiciest apples. Talk with your family about what their favorite recipes are for these healthy treats.

Charlie and Lola's I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato Pop-Up - (ISBN: 978-0763637088)

by Lauren Child

In an inventive way to get his younger sister to eat a healthy diet, Charlie invents all sorts of different names and uses for common vegetables and other healthy foods. Lola can’t wait to eat! Talk about entertaining ways your family helps you enjoy foods that are good for you.

Eat Your Peas, Ivy Louise - (ISBN: 978-0618448869)

by Leo Landry

Even babies have vivid imaginations. Watch baby Ivy see her peas do acrobatic acts right on the high chair tray. What other foods does Ivy imagine performing as she enjoys her secret show?

Eating the Alphabet: Fruits and Vegetables from A to Z - (ISBN: 978-0152009021)

by Lois Ehlert

With mouth-watering illustrations of even the most mundane vegetables, this book entices readers with a myriad of good-for-you foods. Children will actually want to try some of the intriguingly named items as they go through the edible alphabet of attractive foods. A glossary gives parents more information about pronunciation, plant origin, and even some mythological history. After reading this book, ask your children what new fruit or veggie they’d like to try next!

Gregory the Terrible Eater - (ISBN: 978-0590433501)

by Mitchell Sharmat

Gregory’s goat parents are extremely worried when their son prefers human fare of healthy fruits and vegetables to normal goat food like tin cans and shoe strings. Talk about the idea of junk food. What is junk for Gregory is good food for you and your family!

How Are You Peeling? - (ISBN: 978-0439104319)

by Saxton Freymann Joost Elffers

Actual photos of interestingly shaped fruits and vegetables bring to mind a great variety of moods and feelings as readers go through this book. Children will delight in talking about how the different poses make them feel. Take a trip to your produce section together and look for choice specimens of favorite foods. Can you make your own special “portrait” of your feelings of the day?

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? - (ISBN: 978-0439241021)

by Jane Yolen

Children will scream with hilarity at the dinosaur “manners” in this book. Dinosaurs regularly burp, eject their food, spill their dinners, throw their leftovers, and put food into questionable spots. Let your children try dinosaur style “eating” some night in the bathtub, using plastic spoons and plenty of bubbles.

Little Pea - (ISBN: 978-0811846585)

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Little Pea has busy days playing and rolling along, but one thing he dreads at the end of the day is his dinner. His parents want him to eat candy instead of the spinach he really enjoys! Children will giggle with delight at the pea forcing down the pieces of candy before he can have his “dessert”! Poll your family about their favorite parts of meals.

Mouse Went Out to Get a Snack - (ISBN: 978-0374376727)

by Lyn Rossiter McFarland

A hungry mouse battles wits with a quick cat as he tries to steal a huge tray of delectables for his dinner. Count along with the mouse as he savors what he hopes to eat. The cat pounces just as the mouse is about to get away with his goodies. What saves him?

Showdown at the Food Pyramid - (ISBN: 978-0399237157)

by Rex Barron

What do the healthy foods from the food pyramid do when some favorite snacks, such as like candy bars and pastries, are trying to squeeze into the family’s eating? When the food pyramid collapses from too much weight at the top, reorganization begins. Children will learn to they can still eat what they want and still make balanced selections. Print out a copy of the food pyramid and place it on your refrigerator. Make a game out of picking foods from each part for your daily meals.

The Giant Carrot - (ISBN: 978-0803718234)

by Jan Peck Barry Root

When small Isabelle’s farmer father plants carrot seeds, everyone in the family has a different idea about how they will eat the vegetables. There should be plenty of carrots for everyone. But wait, how will they get the really big one out of the ground? Isabelle, who dreams of carrot pudding, has a special technique that pops the carrot out. What does Isabelle do to help her family pull the carrot? This book contains a bonus: a recipe for Isabelle’s carrot pudding.

Food Fight! - (ISBN: 978-1929766291)

by Carol Diggory Shields

Food For Thought - (ISBN: 978-0439110181)

by Joost Elffers Saxton Freymann

Never Let Your Cat Make Lunch for You - (ISBN: 978-1883672805)

by Lee Harris

Pizza Kittens - (ISBN: 978-0744598100)

by Charlotte Voake

Planting a Rainbow - (ISBN: 978-0152626105)

by Lois Ehlert

Princess Picky - (ISBN: 978-0761315254)

by Marjorie Priceman

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food - (ISBN: 978-0394872179)

by Stan Berenstain Jan Berenstain

The Gigantic Turnip - (ISBN: 978-1905236725)

by Aleksei Tolstoy

Activities for this Theme

Download the Choose My Plate mini poster or draw your own

Play these fun fishing games

Make a food mobile out of healthy food choices.

Try making some peanut butter or cinnamon flavored playdough.