Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Antarctica

Adventures of Riley: South Pole Penguins - (ISBN: 978-0974841151)

by Amanda Lumry

The Riley family points their research compass to the South Pole to find answers about Antarctic life; they find answers to a few things they hadn’t even thought of before. How is global warming affecting the penguin food supply? Who does the country of Antarctica belong to? What other questions and answers does this traveling family’s adventure raise?

Antarctic Journal - (ISBN: 978-0792271888)

by Meredith Hooper

Learn all about both microscopic and visible animal life at the South Pole as you follow the author through a summer at Palmer Station in Antarctica. How do living things find food in such a desolate spot?

Lila on Ice - (ISBN: 978-1419650901)

by Françoise Callier

Find out what happens to a small black and white creature that goes to visit her cousins in Antarctica. She is excited but apprehensive about the trip. The living space for the penguin cousins at the South Pole is shrinking and their future survival is at stake. What can people everywhere do to help preserve the penguin homes?

Poles Apart: Why Penguins and Polar Bears Will Never Be Neighbors - (ISBN: 978-0670059256)

by Elaine Scott

This book shows windows into the extreme worlds of the North and South Poles. Learn about the early explorers to these faraway places as well as about geographic and biological phenomena, including the sad effects of global warming. Learn about things most people don’t get to experience, such as magnetic poles and the Northern lights. Talk about what the poles have in common and also how they differ. Can you explain the title of the book?

Summer Ice: Life along the Antarctic Peninsula - (ISBN: 978-0395665619)

by Bruce McMillan

Enjoy the detailed lives of penguins, krill, tiny plankton, whales, seals, and other plant life through the words and beautiful photographs in this book. Experience the unusual landforms and paralyzing weather from the safety of your couch. Talk about what some advantages would be to visiting the South Pole in person.

The Lost Seal - (ISBN: 978-0972342278)

by Diane McKnight

What would you do to help a stranded seal if the law said you could not feed it? A lone, hungry seal turns up near a research facility in the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica. Not knowing what to do with the seal, the scientists there contact some seal specialists who suggest returning the seal to its natural habitat. Guess what the scientists name after their new friend after the seal returns home safely?

Adventures of Riley: The Polar Bear Puzzle - (ISBN: 978-1600400049)

by Amanda Lumry

Polar Explorers for Kids: Historic Expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica with 21 Activities - (ISBN: 978-1556525001)

by Maxine Snowden

Science on the Ice: An Antarctic Journal - (ISBN: 978-0822528524)

by Rebecca L. Johnson

Seven Weeks on an Iceberg : Doodlezoo - (ISBN: 0811820688)

by Keith R. Potter

Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World - (ISBN: 978-0375810497)

by Jennifer Armstrong

Silly Lila - (ISBN: 978-1419628719 )

by Francoise Callier

South Pole Sabotage: Choose Your Own Adventure #89 - (ISBN: 978-0553277708)

by Seddon Johnson

Super Cool Science: South Pole Stations, Past, Present, and Future - (ISBN: 978-0802784704)

by Sandra Markle

The Antarctic Scoop - (ISBN: 978-0823417926)

by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

Trapped by the Ice! Shackleton's Amazing Antarctic Adventure - (ISBN: 978-0802776334)

by Michael McCurdy

Activities for this Theme

Enjoy an actual camera view of Antarctica in this live camera recording, updated every 15 minutes through most of the year.

Talk about why this cartoon is funny.

Learn more information about the great variety of penguins in the world.

Check out some jokes about the South Pole.

Write an acrostic poem about Antarctica.