Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Antarctica

Antarctica - (ISBN: 978-0374403713)

by Helen Cowcher

This gorgeous book gives a beautiful overview of the cold land of the South Pole, with its varieties of penguins, seals in the snow and ice fields. In addition to the wonderful illustrations, the book accurately explains the ecological problems of the severe land and its natural life; men and their machines disturb the penguin habitat; the leopard seals are the penguins’ natural enemies. Try drawing a penguin and seal after enjoying the magnificent drawings here.

Antarctica (Rookie Read-About Geography) - (ISBN: 978-0516272979)

by Allan Fowler

For views of the Antarctic frozen tundra and its living creatures, enjoy this non-fiction presentation, complete with maps and an explanation of the location of this frigid land. Can you draw a picture of snow?

Endangered Animals and Habitats – Antarctica - (ISBN: 978-1560067276)

by Dennis Roberson

Learn about the factors, besides the extreme cold, that threaten this once-pristine land. Are scientists the only people interested in the South Pole? In addition to sharing Antarctica’s natural resources and animal life, this book explains, at a very beginning level, the problems of illegal fishing and greed for minerals that have created a tense environment down south. Talk about the effects of changes in weather on the environment at the poles.

North Pole, South Pole (Adventures of Lickety-Split and Splish-Splash) - (ISBN: 978-1551924113 )

by Jacques Duquennoy

Imagine what the cold inhabitants of the polar regions eat for breakfast (snow) and how they keep warm! Though not exactly science, but this cartoon-like book with few words has enough details in icy colors to give you a feel for the life of the penguins and other creatures that live at the poles. After you’ve enjoyed this book a few times, ask your children to add more to the story by imagining life in other cold regions of the world.

Penguin Pete Ahoy - (ISBN: 978-1558589070)

by Marcus Pfister

When a curious penguin finds an abandoned ship to explore, he befriends a tiny mouse. Pete, the penguin, wants his new friend to go swimming with him after they climb ropes and invade the ship storeroom. His mouse friend, Horatio, is afraid of the water, but he ventures out in a lifeboat. When it begins to sink, Pete helps Horatio get over his fear and learn to swim. Talk with your children about how they felt when they first entered water or how they overcame their fear of putting their heads under.

Penguins ABC - (ISBN: 978-1559718318)

by Kevin Schafer

Learn all about Antarctica and penguin life as you go through the alphabet, enjoying the photographs and learning the ABC’s at the same time. What’s your favorite letter page from this book?

Plenty of Penguins - (ISBN: 978-0439098328)

by Sonia Black

Try this rhyming but very informative text featuring facts about adorable baby penguins. This “Hello Reader” science book is perfect for pre-readers, and its presentation of information by asking and answering questions is sure to keep you on your toes. Try letting your children answer the questions after you’ve read the book to them a few times.

Antarctic Antics: A Book of Penguin Poems - (ISBN: 978-0152046026)

by Judy Sierra

Little Penguin’s Tale - (ISBN: 978-0152474768)

by Audrey Wood

Penguins 123 - (ISBN: 978-1559718301)

by Kevin Schafer

These Birds Can't Fly (Rookie Read-About Science) - (ISBN: 978-0516264202)

by Allan Fowler

Activities for this Theme

Print out and color your own mini-book about penguin facts.

Try a penguin song with your whole family. The lyrics and sound are both included.

Enjoy the penguin video Happy Feet.