Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Thanks

Biscuit is Thankful - (ISBN: 978-0694015191)

by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Biscuit seems like a happy puppy because he is grateful for the many things that come his way. Explore the pages to see what Biscuit has to be thankful for. Are there any items that are similar to what you have in your life? What are some unusual things he enjoys?

I’m Thankful Each Day! - (ISBN: 978-0824953973)

by P.K. Hallinan

The beautiful illustrations of natural scenes show you many reasons to be thankful. Enjoy nature, the world, and the places in the book with a newer appreciation after paging through this gem!

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble - (ISBN: 978-1442435605)

by William Steig

While Sylvester is adding to his pebble collection, he comes across a magical one. He can have anything he wishes for! He is really grateful for the magic pebble until he makes a wish without thinking.  Where does this wish lead him? What lesson can you learn about wishing too much for things?

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks - (ISBN: 978-0448422862)

by Margaret Sutherland

Everyone enjoys the food and family at Thanksgiving in America, but this book stresses the real reason we have Thanksgiving. We celebrate the holiday to count all the things we are thankful for. Do you go around the table at your Thanksgiving dinner and say what you appreciate?

The Thankful Book - (ISBN: 978-0316181013)

by Todd Parr

The narrator in this book lists many ordinary things that he/she is thankful for. Following the same format used in these sentences, try to think of even more things you are grateful for

An Adventure with Morris Mouse - (ISBN: 978-1571450722)

by Maurice Pledger

An Awesome Book of Thanks - (ISBN: 978-1935597377)

by Dallas Clayton

The Most Thankful Thing - (ISBN: 978-0439650830)

by Lisa McCourt

Activities for this Theme

Share this video with your preschooler to learn strategies on how to focus on being grateful for what they have. 

Incorporate fine motor activities into lessons on gratitude by making this counting blessings crafts made with pipe cleaners and beads. 

Use these ideas and directions to help your preschooler create a gratitude garland sharing things they are grateful for.