Middle School to Young Adult Books

Theme: Taking Flight

Airman - (ISBN: 978-1423107514)

by Eoin Colfer

Naturally Conor uses his flight skills and experience to save his parents and change the world; he was born in a hot air balloon! He tries to escape from prison by building his own flying machine! See what other ways he uses his bent for aviation to meet the challenges of risqué characters and mind-boggling adventures!

Code Name Verity - (ISBN: 978-1423152880)

by Elizabeth Wein

After Verity’s spy plane crashes in Germany during WWII, her captors try to force a confession. As she ponders her choices and tries to stay alive, the author weaves a magnificent plot that reveals the mind games played by the captive and her controllers. Why do you think she left her fellow pilot in the wrecked plane?

Flygirl - (ISBN: 978-0142417256)

by Sherri Smith

Ida Mae Jones uses her light skin to help fulfill her dream of becoming a pilot. Although her father was able to fly for the Air Force, no African American women were permitted to pursue the same goal. She wrestles with the dilemma of presenting herself as white, but she feels she can help with the war effort by following in her father’s footsteps. Would the dilemma she faced be the same today?

Shockrockets - (ISBN: 978-1600107849)

by Kurt Busiek

The Shockrockets team, unbelievable flying fighters using the most advanced aircraft systems, battle to protect a weakened earth from enemies and dangers at some undetermined time in the well-advanced future! Alejandro loves technology, but his premature selection as a shockrocket pilot puts his skills to the utmost test. What types of other future aircraft can you envision?

The Raft - (ISBN: 978-1250027399)

by S.A. Bodeen

Despite Robie’s extensive flight experience, her ingenuity and survival skills are put to the test when a cargo flight to the Midway Atoll she has boarded at the last minute crashes and she must cope with floating on a raft on open seas. How does her independence and determination help her as she struggles to survive?

The Chance You Won’t Return - (ISBN: 978-0763662929)

by Annie Cardi

The Hindenburg Disaster - (ISBN: 978-1604539448)

by Jill Sherman

Under a War-Torn Sky - (ISBN: 978-0786817535)

by L.M. Elliot

Activities for this Theme

Learn how to make hot air balloon ornaments

Read about what it is like to be a flight attendant.