Upper Elementary to Middle School Books

Theme: Taking Flight

Born to Fly - (ISBN: 978-0375846076)

by Michael Ferrari

After Bird’s dream comes true and she gets to take flying lessons from a young man interested in her sister, their world becomes confusing when an unknown Japanese American starts taking lessons with her. Is he a spy for the enemy? Did his uncle, an old friend of the community, commit a recent murder? How should West Coast communities have viewed the Japanese that they already knew during WWII?

Flora and Ulysses - (ISBN: 978-0763660406)

by Kate Di Camillo

Enjoy these two friends’ adventures when one looks out the window and sees a flying vacuum cleaner. After a squirrel gets sucked into the power vacuum, it comes out with supernatural powers including the power of flying, not just gliding as it had done before! Enjoy the somewhat magical world the friends inhabit.

Secrets in the Sky - (ISBN: 978-1556227875)

by Melinda Rice

Bethany makes friends with Women Air Force Pilots when they come to town, but when one them appears to have been murdered, Bethany is determined to get to the bottom of it. Was her crash just a flight accident, or, as Bethany believes, a deliberate act? If you enjoy mysteries, try this one.

The Flying Canoe - (ISBN: 978-0887766367)

by Roch Carrier

Baptiste becomes homesick, along with all the other lumberjacks he has joined in the woods of Ottawa in the 1840’s. Only when the men join the young Baptiste in climbing aboard a “flying canoe” can their dreams to return home for the New Year come true. Based on a Canadian folk tale, this book provides a window into a world long past.

To Touch the Stars - (ISBN: 978-0769634425)

by Karen Zeinert

As Elizabeth trains to become a pilot and help the WWII War effort by delivering planes to the military, she gains confidence and settles a long-term family upset. She also checks out rumors that foul play has occurred in relation to the Women’s Air Force Service Pilots program. Although this book is fiction, it includes information about the real program and its training program.

Air Shows - (ISBN: 978-0531159231)

by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk

Jet Planes – And Other Fast Machines in the Air - (ISBN: 978-1848354623)

by Ian Graham

The Hindenburg Explosion - (ISBN: 978-1476551333)

by Steve Otfinoski

The Time Pirate - (ISBN: 9780312578107)

by Ted Bell

Activities for this Theme

Build a Bubble-Powered Rocket

Try making a paper rocket.

Experiment with Different Kinds of Flying Objects