Preschool and Picture Books

Theme: Weather

A Kitten Tale - (ISBN: 978-0517709153)

by Eric Rohmann

Four young kittens have never experienced snow. Three of them begin to dread winter's arrival as the fourth one persuades them to look on the bright side, eagerly anticipating his romp in the fluff. Talk with your children – and have them tell you -- about approaching fears by sharing the good things about something they dread.

Hate That Thunder/ Odio Ese Trueno! - (ISBN: 978-0977275717)

by William J. Adams

This bilingual book features Mandy who is afraid of noisy thunder. When she faces her fears, she realizes the result of thunder is welcome rain. Enjoy the rhyming lines in this humorous approach to a common phobia.

Leaf Man - (ISBN: 978-0152053048)

by Lois Ehlert

This beautiful book shows the different patterns created by leaves as they blow away; a narrator helps readers see the "leaf man" in the patterns of beautifully colored autumn leaf shapes. Ask your children what other pictures they see in the many arrangements on these pages. Take a walk outside and look for patterns in the leaves on the ground in the fall or the shadows from trees in summer.

Silly Lilly and the Four Seasons - (ISBN: 978-0979923814)

by Agnès Rosenstiehl

Lilly romps through the seasons on cartoon-style pages. Children will love “reading” this book themselves once they’ve gone through it with parents a few times. Try other Lilly titles if you enjoy this very simple approach to learning about the weather.

Snow - (ISBN: 978-0394800271)

by Roy McKie PD Eastman

Enjoy this Dr. Seuss-style book which playfully details many ways to enjoy snow. Ask your children if they can think of other ways to play in the white stuff.

Un-Brella - (ISBN: 978-1596431799)

by Scott E. Franson

Families will enjoy creating the words to go along with this wordless picture book that features a little girl with a magic umbrella. When she dons her bathing suit and ventures out on a cold day, the skies turn warm and sunny. She can create a snowstorm by simply putting on her snow pants. Children will delight in telling the story themselves once you have gone through it together a few times.

Frederick - (ISBN: 978-3407730060)

by Leo Lionni

The Snowy Day/ Un Dia De Nieve - (ISBN: 978-0874995633)

by Ezra Jack Keats

Toot and Puddle: Let it Snow - (ISBN: 978-0316166867)

by Holly Hobbie

When Winter Comes - (ISBN: 0689817789)

by Nancy Van Laan

Activities for this Theme

Help your children make leaf prints:

Try a desert island survival adventure with your family in the confines of your own home.

Take a long walk with your family and collect some natural items to make into a collage later. After you glue the items onto a large sheet of butcher paper, talk about the day you had collecting.