Early Elementary Books

Theme: Antarctica

Antarctica - (ISBN: 978-0516264264)

by David Petersen

This non-fiction book gives plenty of details about Antarctica’s land, animals, science, and a bit of history. Find Antarctica on the map on the book’s cover. Where is your country in relation to it? Think about some reasons why you might like to go to Antarctica as a teenager or grown-up.

Cinderella Penguin, or the Little Glass Flipper - (ISBN: 978-0140555523)

by Janet Perlman

Enjoy this adaptation of the traditional Cinderella story. Why is this story more humorous than the original? Talk about what elements of the original story remain and which are different. Can you retell another favorite fairy tale with a penguin replacing the traditional character?

Draw Write Now, Book 4: The Polar Regions, Arctic, Antarctic - (ISBN: 978-0963930743)

by Marie Hablitzel Kim Stitzer

Children will delight in drawing their favorite animals and parts of the habitat from the South and North Poles. Easy-to-copy sentences, printed in handwriting style, encourage children to write a few words about their pictures. Ask your children to create an original scene by combining some of their favorite parts.

Some Folk Think the South Pole's Hot: The Three Tenors Play the Antarctic - (ISBN: 978-1567921700)

by Elke Heidenreich

Learn about the visit of three very famous opera singers to the land at the bottom of the world, told in rhyming couplets! Penguins, in their natural tuxedos, like opera as well as the next guy, so why not? Enjoy the rhymes, the views, and the musical touch in this unique tale of Antarctica and those who are drawn there.

Tacky the Penguin Book and CD - (ISBN: 978-0618737543 )

by Helen Lester

Tacky does things his own way, being a little too loud and a little too brash. The other very proper penguins come to appreciate him when he confounds some hunters with his non-conformist maneuvers and creates lots of laughs. Talk about someone you know who is a little different from most people. What gifts does he or she offer those who can look beyond the different approach? Enjoy the CD along with the book.

The Antarctic Habitat - (ISBN: 978-0778729846)

by Molly Aloian Bobbie Kalman

Enjoy learning about South Pole animals and their homes, the weather in Antarctica, the terrain, and the food and scant plants found there. Children will begin to have an idea of what the word <i>habitat</i> means after looking at this book and may want to try other books in the “Introducing Habitats” series. Talk about the habitat where you live and compare it to that of this very cold land.

The Emperor's Egg: Read and Wonder - (ISBN: 978-0763618711)

by Martin Jenkins

Try this fascinating and factual book for an insider view of the life of the male Emperor penguins. These are the penguins who stand and cover the eggs with their furry coats for two months while the females walk miles to get food. Told with humor and some “clever” author comments, this lively book has great appeal for the very young. Talk about the different roles your mother and father have while taking care of the children in your family or in families you know.

Tom Crean's Rabbit: A True Story from Scott's Last Voyage - (ISBN: 978-1845073930)

by Meredith Hooper

When the Terra Nova sails to Antarctica, one very pregnant rabbit needs assistance from one of the shipmates to find a spot to give birth. Enjoy seeing the inside of Scott’s very famous sailing ship as Tom carries his rabbit from place to place aboard ship. Views of the great land of Antarctica and the sea complete the reliving of this historic voyage. Where would you take your pet cat or rabbit to have its young?

A Tale of Antarctica - (ISBN: 978-0590433594)

by Ulco Glimmerveen

Antarctic Ice - (ISBN: 978-0805065176)

by Jim Mastro

Augustine - (ISBN: 978-1553378853)

by Mélanie Watt

Looking at Penguins - (ISBN: 978-0823410378)

by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Ponko and the South Pole - (ISBN: 978-1845070168)

by Meredith Hooper

Tacky and the Emperor - (ISBN: 0395981204)

by Helen Lester

Tacky and the Winter Games - (ISBN: 978-0618956746)

by Helen Lester

The Penguin Puzzle ((Magic School Bus) - (ISBN: 978-0439204224)

by Joanna Cole

Activities for this Theme

Try an online penguin jigsaw puzzle. You can change the number of pieces from 6 (easy) to over 200 (difficult).

Make and eat a penguin treat out of Oreo cookies.

The video March of the Penguins closely parallels the book The Emperor’s Egg . Watch it and see if the two give any different facts.

Try this online Arctic & Antarctica Activity Book with coloring pages, connect the dot activities, and more. 

Take a virtual tour of Antarctica.

Enjoy this word search about Antarctica. Try making one of your own on graph paper.